My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hun.


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Fave thing about Ricky during Be Ma Girl era: his tongue. I mean  hairstyle 

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이열~ 홉이에염 오늘 더쇼 와주신 아미 여러분들 감사합니다!!! 방탄!쇼!년단 캬캬
남은 방송까지 진짜 홧팅!!!! 사진은!!!!! 멋있는 셀카!! 멋있다고해줘ㅛ오오ㅗ오롱오ㅗㅇ로오오오오오오ㅗ옹오ㅗㅇ오ㅗ옹 http://t.co/ry5VSVQHUn

Eeyeol~ I’m hope. Thank you ARMYs who came to today’s The Show!!! Bangtan! Show (so)! Nyeondan kyakya Hwaiting for the rest of the broadcasts!!!! The picture!!! A handsome selca!! Tell me I look goOoooOoooOddddddddddddd

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Ceci Korea

Model: 2PM's Jang Woo Young

September 2014


A rap a day, Tablo's way.

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(Kyung) A few days ago, Minhyuk hyung and I were 
in the car together. When I called him 'Minhyuk hyung' and
turned my head, we kissed.
/Minhyuk nods/
(Kyung) it was quite gross.

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[HQ] 4Minute HyunA for The Bling 1000x1450

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b.a.p japanese music videos (2013-present)

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when mingkki takes selfies

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stripperseok ಥ⌣ಥ

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